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Save Location - A unique way to save locations, share locations and navigate to saved locations.

Save ANY Location

Save Location allows you to save any location you want to save with just click of a button - so no more hassles in navigating to that favourite CCD of your choice in CP which has 16 CCDs!!

One Touch Navigation To Saved Places

Save Location allows you to navigate to your previously saved locations by just clicking your previously saved location's card.

Share Individual Locations

Save Location supports social sharing of individual location based cards

Backup Saved Locations To Google Drive

Save Location now supports backup with Google Drive feature. This means that now you can Backup and restore all your saved locations to and from Google Drive. So, save more now! Once you have created a Backup, you can Restore your saved locations either on a different device or on the same device, whenever you want.

'Favorite' Saved Locations

Save Location gives you the option to Mark saved locations as FAVORITE locations which can then be listed quickly by opening the left side drawer of the app.

Swipe To Delete Unwanted Locations

Save Location's latest Cards UI allows you to swipe left OR right to delete an unwanted. A card once deleted is lost forever.

Latest Android Cards UI

Save Location integrates simple cards based UI which is very intuitive, simple and light weight.

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